Book Review: Every Child Welcome

Book Review: Every Child Welcome: A Ministry Handbook for Including Kids with Special Needs. Authored by Katie Wetherbee and Jolene Philo. Published by Kregel Publications.

Wow, is all I can really say! This is a comprehensive look how to ensure that your children’s ministry includes children affected by special needs. From parents to teaching methods and all the side activities, the manual provides perspective from all possible facets.

Katie Wetherbee and Jolene Philo combine their practical experience as public school teachers with a heart for effective ministry to provide a book that should be on the shelf of every children’s pastor in America.  The unique perspective they add as parents of children affected by disability allows the reader to know that what is shared actually works.

every child welcome

Far too often, children affected by disability are tolerated, ignored or even banished from children’s ministries due to a lack of knowledge and insight. Unlike many other books, this one should be read and re-read and then read again. The practical steps, tips and ideas are priceless and will truly open the doors of church so that every child, and by extension their families, will be welcome.

In addition to the many tools and resources, the book is presented in a very simple layout, easy to read and even easier to apply.  Causing every child to be welcome does not require a degree in special needs – rather, it takes the heart of leaders who desire to see the Luke 14 mandate fleshed out within their church.

If you want your church to be a community shaper; to reflect the heart of God that everybody has purpose and calling; to embrace the indispensable individuals and see them shine with their God-given gifts, then this book is a must-read!

Leaders look out for everybody, advocate for the marginalized and ensure that the gifts, purpose, calling and skills of everybody they lead are embraced. Every Child Welcome will help to make this happen for the many children affected by disability.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Every Child Welcome”

  1. Thank you so much, Mike! Writing this book together was a blessing, and we hope churches can use it to bless many families of kids with special needs, too.

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